Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grizzly Man

I was transfixed by Werner Herzog's film Lessons of Darkness

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at the tremendous 2008 "After Nature" exhibit at the New Museum (I hate the description there).

So I was thrilled to see his Grizzly Man, another film I missed when it was playing originally. It's an intelligent meditation on our relationship with nature and what our ideas about it say about us, told through the story of an unlikable man.*

*(Why didn't he just get some dogs, I had to wonder.)

UPDATE, moments later: I don't know about Herzog's politics, and some things I've read, if true, I disagree with. But I recommend the film as a film. One moment in which I did not share his vision was in the description of what he saw in the bear in the final footage. It was simply not what I saw in the eyes of that bear. Interesting....

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