Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Justice, No Healing - More on Obama's Betrayal of Honduras and Democracy

In the same week that Obama accepts the Nobel Prize, his administration has told the people of Honduras that they have no rights. No right to live without terror, to participate in public life, to decide on the society they want to live in. People they elect can be thrown out at the will of oligarchs who will not accept democracy; they themselves can be threatened, arrested, beaten, raped, and killed with impunity; their organizations can be harassed and their media shuttered. All is well - even under a brutal coup regime - if the usurpers enact the ritual of elections.

Here are two recent analyses:

Brendan Cooney, "The Man Who Wasn't There: What Leaving Honduras Says about Obama"

William Finnegan, "Gone South"

And here's a recent report on the "elections":

I fear for Zelaya's safety.

People in Honduras, Latin America, and the world will not stop fighting. I have a question for anyone reading who might know: What are the various possible means by which a referendum on a constitutional assembly, or the constituyente itself, can come about in Honduras?