Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is wrong, Obama.

Your administration is taking the wrong side, doing the wrong thing. You have not acted in good faith toward the people struggling for justice and democracy in Honduras. This is a test of your principles, and you are failing. No one - including the Honduran oligarchs you're supporting - has been fooled. You are not promoting democracy. You are standing with terror. You should be ashamed.

It's not too late to do the right thing. A different sort of relationship with the rest of the hemisphere means respecting them. Respecting them - not mocking them with hollow and condescending rhetoric about "national reconciliation" and "resolving the crisis."

I hope that those who sang your praises when others cautioned skepticism and vigilance will, instead of reflexively rushing to your defense, investigate the issue and pressure you to defend the principles you claim to uphold.


  1. SC, one of the things I like about you, and other Pharyngula alumni, is the ability to separate good from bad. Yes, Obama is in many things doing a good job, in some, very important, things a bad job. It is possible to be both and to hold both opinions about someone. I see the hallmark of conservatives as being black or white (well, mostly white with American conservatives to belabor a joke). Being an adult is to see that the world is not simple. Good day to you, and happy belated birthday. JeffreyD

  2. Is this another example of an ill-fated attempt at "compromise"? Or just the usual American desire to maintain order south of its border, regardless of justice? When will the U.S. government finally stand up and support the masses of Central America? I fear that our historic commitment to keeping Central Americans quiet while we allow U.S. businesses to rape their natural resources, exploit their labor, and manipulate their currencies and political systems to better suit our domestic needs has continued through both conservative and liberal U.S. administrations. I had hoped for better from Mr. Obama. I am sadly disappointed - but such disappointment must pale in comparison with the betrayal felt by millions of once-again-voiceless Central Americans.