Saturday, April 10, 2010

HONDURAS: the struggle for a democratic constitution continues, despite the best efforts of the opponents of democracy

I have been collecting reports on those struggling for justice in Honduras and the violence they've faced, but these two recent reports do a good job summarizing the situation:

First, "Disappearing the Truth in Honduras: 'National Reconciliation' & the 'Truth Commission' Provide Cover for Repression Aimed at Destroying the Demand for a New Constitution" from Anne Bird at Rights Action.

Second, "U.S. covering up reality in Honduras" from the Real News Network:

Not much more to say. These governments, by their actions, show contempt for truth and democracy. Continuing to support the movement for justice and a new constitution in Honduras in absolutely necessary.

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  1. thanks SC.

    this is so frustrating; like I said last time, no one seems to care if there's a real democracy. As long as there's elections of some sort, everything else is being brushed under the carpet. And "normalization" mostly seems to mean "we want to go back to not having to pretend to care".