Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The news from Honduras, difficult to come by, has not been good. There continues to be pressure, led by the US administration, for the OAS to recognize the Honduran regime, and they are making headway despite the Honduran reality. It’s a joke. Here’s the statement of the Honduran resistance coalition, the FNRP, to the OAS, and here’s a statement concerning the continuing human rights violations in Honduras from COFADEH (according to a statement issued today, three more activists in Aguan have just been killed).

One of the more striking aspects of the coup and its aftermath is how journalists – but not only journalists - have been restricted, intimidated, terrorized, and murdered with impunity. This has received appallingly little attention from the US media. Even the repression of journalists hasn’t led them to tell the truth. This article by Kevin Young – “Honduras, Iran, and the Propaganda Model” – offers a Chomskian analysis of US press coverage of Honduras and Iran. Well worth reading.

My next substantive post will expand on this topic by looking at some of the history of imperialist propaganda in the US.

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  1. but, hey, there were elections, so it's all democratic and stuff [/sarcasm]

    Doesn't it sometimes feel downright Winston-ish to have information and knowledge of a situation that directly contradicts what "everyone knows"? I certainly have had moments when I was wondering whether I'm the insane one...