Friday, October 29, 2010

10-29-10: More Recognition for the Honduran Resistance; Marc Anthony Sings for Coup

The Honduran Resistance Movement has been awarded another human rights award: the Herbert Anaya Human Rights Prize, presented at the VII International Congress on Human Rights ("Historical Memory, Truth and Restorative Justice: Demands of the New Generations") at the University of El Salvador:

(The program looks great.)

Meanwhile, Marc Anthony and others plan to perform in San Pedro Sula at something called Music Fest Honduras. As the FNRP notes,
By publishing the ad online to an international audience the message is clear: “nothing is happening in Honduras, moreover people are singing and dancing with international and local musicians”. But not even one month ago, on Independence Day, the regime sent its military/police forces to repress a peaceful concert by local pro-resistance music bands in the same city where Marc Anthony is to sing, San Pedro Sula, in a venue that is just blocks uptown from where musical instruments were destroyed, one person killed by tear gas, a radio station attacked and the journalists working in it beaten and thrown to the street.
Something like this may be in order....

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