Thursday, June 2, 2011

HONDURAS: return, readmission, repression, and resistance

So...Zelaya has returned to Honduras, the country has been readmitted to the OAS, and the state violence and struggle for justice and democracy continue.

Here's Adrienne Pine yesterday on Democracy Now!*:

As she says in her recent article, "Zelaya's Return: Neither Reconciliation nor Democracy in Honduras" (which I recommend, including for the perspectives of local organizations):
Today, the same businessmen, politicians, and military officials who funded, engineered, and carried out the coup are in power, having been guaranteed impunity for their crimes by a coup-supporting president who came to power through an illegal, fraudulent election that was legitimated by the U.S. government. Human rights abuses committed by police and military forces, rather than decreasing with the Lobo presidency, have surged in recent months to levels at or above those just after the coup.

The current Honduran government, which markets itself as one of "reconciliation"—a concept that historically means bringing those responsible for crimes against humanity to justice—has shown no interest in reconciling with anyone who disagrees with its policies of displacement, privatization of public services, and the auctioning of the country to the highest bidder.
*One of several pieces the past couple of days surrounding the return of Zelaya and the OAS vote.

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