Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More cat woo: Reiki for cats

Natalie Reed, who has an excellent and illuminating blog, posted the other day about her disappointment at finding that a site ostensibly offering health information for trans people was in actuality peddling Reiki.

Since I’d just posted about cat woo, including about a “spirit essence” purported to contain “Reiki Energy,” I thought I’d look into whether there was Reiki for cats. Of course there is:

This site is rather infuriating, advocating Reiki for cats with leukemia. But this part had me laughing:
Ultimately, however, I advise against forcing your cat to sit still while you share Reiki with them. They know how much energy they need and can freely choose to stop accepting the Reiki.
Indeed. There’s a cat a few feet from me, curled in a fluffy ball against a teddy bear, and I suspect any attempt at Reiki would have a bloody result.

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