Friday, April 6, 2012

Miranda Fricker and Peter Singer on Ethics Bites

I just came across a site from the Open University called Ethics Bites, which features a series of short interviews (around 15 minutes each) about applied ethics. Apparently, they're also available on iTunesU.

Two featured philosopher-writers I've talked about here in the past: Miranda Fricker and Peter Singer. Both interviews deal with the ethics of our relationships with animals. The questions are intelligent, and both authors eloquent.

It doesn't seem you can embed the audio, but you can listen to the interviews or, if you prefer, read the transcripts, here:

  • Miranda Fricker on Blame and Historic Injustice*
  • Peter Singer on the Human Use of Animals

  • *I'm not really buying her claim that her meat-eating should be regarded with disappointment rather than blame. If she's not in a position to know better, I don't know who is.

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