Thursday, June 7, 2012

A reminder: where to go for Honduras information

I've mentioned several times here that the best place to go for Honduras news and analysis is Adrienne Pine's Quotha (the first of the Honduras links to the left). Pine provides on-the ground coverage of the Honduran resistance movement, as well as critical analysis of events there, media (mis)representations, and the policies and actions of the US and Canadian governments and corporations.

Here are three recent articles posted there that provide information on recent events with valuable political context and historical background:

- Dana Frank, "Honduras: Which Side is the US On?"

- Annie Bird, "USA/DEA Killings in Ahuas"

- Press Release: "Scholars and Human Rights Organizations Demand End to U.S. Military and Police Aid to Honduras"

A quote from Pine from the press release:

94 Congress Members, hundreds of academics from Honduras and around the world, dozens of high-profile human rights and press freedom organizations, and citizens from Honduras and the U.S. are demanding the same thing of the Obama administration: stop funding and training the murderous Honduran police and military, and stop killing innocent Hondurans in the name of the War on Drugs. In the wake of the DEA-led massacre of pregnant women and children in the Moskitia, it is high time this administration start listening to citizens and experts. Rather than starting another unwinnable war against people in a nation ruled by a U.S. supported, coup-installed president, the U.S. should be spending its resources on shoring up our own democracy.

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