Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creation Moments

It was in the car flipping through the radio dial yesterday, trying to find any song other than “Somebody That I Used to Know,” that I had my first Creation Moment. I’d never heard one of these before, but I guess they’ve been airing for some time.

The one I stumbled upon on was “When Facts Aren’t Facts”:

...Several years ago, Canadian and U.S. papers were filled with the results of polls in both countries that tested members of the public by asking some scientific questions. The problem is, both polls were heavily stacked with questions that resulted in so called "wrong" answers if the respondent didn't believe in evolution. Since more than 10 percent of the questions dealt with evolution, we can assume that the real purpose of the "poll" was to make belief in evolution look the same as "scientific literacy."

Consider the questions asked. Of the 14 questions, one read: "Human beings as we know them today developed from earlier groups of animals." Obviously, the so called "correct" answer is "true." Another question asks: "The earliest humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs." And the "correct" answer to this is "false."

The poll does show widespread ignorance of science in real areas of science. A scientist who didn't know that light travels faster than sound would be considered unfit to do science. Measurements of the speed of light and the speed of sound are easily done and offer consistent results.

But no one has ever measured – much less reproduced – the results that the poll claims are "correct" about evolution! Many scientists, including some who are very famous, would also have insisted on the so-called "wrong" answers about evolution! The lesson for us is that, as Christians, we need to read and listen very carefully to what is called "news," because some of it really isn't based upon fact at all....

They’re pretty funny. From the one on aspirin:

In His foreknowledge, our Creator knew, regretfully, that the human race would fall into sin. He knew that among the effects of a world changed by sin would be pain and sickness. So in His mercy He provided plants that would make the active ingredient in aspirin. But the greatest expression of His love for us was in providing us with a cure for sin itself in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Another recent offering is “New Element, Balonium, Confirms Evolution Is True.”

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