Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PHR to offer training in recognizing victimization

This September 22nd and 23rd in Washington, DC, Physicians for Human Rights will offer two training sessions in recognizing the signs of torture and other human rights abuses:

The need for this type of medical training is critical. The US Office of Refugee Resettlement estimates that 500,000 survivors of torture live in the United States today. Torture survivors live in communities across the US, both urban and rural.

Special medical training to recognize and understand the consequences of human rights abuses is no longer a niche specialty only for clinicians working with asylum seekers. Such training is necessary for all physicians, psychologists, nurses, and social workers determined to aid their patients effectively. Because the majority of torture injuries are chronic, special training is imperative to ensure clinicians can adequately provide the comprehensive care that torture victims desperately need.

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