Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bad choice, Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

[PYO president and music director Louis] Scaglione asserted that the “political or personal views” of PYO guests and supporters are not a “reflection of the beliefs of the nonprofit organization or its agents.”

“PYO celebrates the great diversity that is our community, our city, our nation and our society,” he added. “The musical arts transcend all political, cultural, religious and social constructs. It is through the musical arts that one teaches tolerance and respect. PYO does not align itself with any individual or entity by adoption of their respective viewpoints, philosophies or beliefs. PYO does not condone or condemn the viewpoints, philosophies, religious doctrine or political affiliation of others. PYO supports and encourages open dialogue and healthy debate of artistic, philosophical, political, religious and social issues.”

So they don't condemn bigotry. That should make the gay kids in the orchestra comfortable.

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