Thursday, April 18, 2013


Another small National Poetry Month contribution:


Looking for someone to protect themselves.
And they do need protection, these
farms and ranches,
the right of these
processing facilities

to do what they love to do
for generations
a hundred years.
They truly care about every
protein group.

There’s nothing in the Constitution that would give you the right -
going in and really mistreating
this video footage,
someone’s private property,
their reputations.

It goes against what they were raised to do
to communicate about things -
harmful to
this hungry country,
helping them understand.

This is a found poem constructed from the words of Emily Meredith* in this interview. (For the dull, I’ll point out that this is an artistic appropriation of her words and not intended to faithfully reflect their original intent.)

*I know I said her name isn’t important, but if I’m going to make a poem out of words she spoke I feel obliged to provide it. It remains unimportant in this context – she’s a remote-controlled corporate drone.

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