Thursday, January 15, 2015

Existentialist analyses of colonialism

In a footnote to a recent post I mentioned Algerian Chronicles, the collection of works by Albert Camus on Algeria and the Mediterranean region:

Since it seems timely, and since it’s looking like my blog this year, while it won’t become exclusively dedicated to the discussion of books, will be very book heavy, I thought I’d recommend two other collections of existentialist writings about colonialism in English translation.

Sartre’s Colonialism and Neocolonialism:

And Simone de Beauvoir: Political Writings:

I don’t agree with everything the three say (and of course they didn’t always agree with one another), but their writing about racism, colonialism and capitalism, torture, the Right, the role of the intellectual and the journalist in oppressive systems, and many other subjects overflows with relevant insights.

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