Thursday, May 7, 2015

A frenzied increase in blatant explicit calls for the extermination of all Alawites

This was posted by As’ad AbuKhalil yesterday. I’m reproducing it because of the seriousness of the charges and because I checked and wasn’t able to find any media reports:
The scandal of Western correspondents in Beirut: covering up anti-Alawite genocidal calls and statements by Syrian opposition
If those Western correspondents in Beirut were station in Berlin in the 1930s, they would have assured their readers that all is well in Germany and that there is no danger whatsoever for the Jews of Europe. There has been a frenzied increase in blatant explicit calls for the extermination--yes, extermination--of all `Alawites in most Arab media and by various segments of the exile Syrian opposition and certainly by the various armed groups in Syria and I am yet to read one article about that in any Western publication. I am yet to read one statement about that by any Western human rights organization. Yesterday, there was another low registered, Al-Jazeera Arabic aired a show about Alawites and it featured (by the host and the guest) most explicit calls for exterminating all `Alawites (women and children--they actually said that) in Syria. This is something that does not register in MEMRI because the targeted minority group are `Alawites. [italics added]

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