Friday, August 21, 2015

Quotes of the day – On the contrary, Judge Doumar, I believe you do have a problem understanding Title IX

Judge Robert Doumar:
“Your case in Title IX is gone, by the way. I have chosen to dismiss Title IX. I decided that before we started.”

“I have no problem understanding Title IX. It’s specific and exact.”

“I am sorry for the Department of Justice. Sanctuary cities. Where are we going?”

“Where the U.S is going scares me. It really scares me.”

“Maybe I am just old fashioned.”
Gavin Grimm:
“All I want to do is be a normal child and use the restroom in peace. I did not ask to be this way, and it’s one of the most difficult things anyone can face. This could be your child. I’m just a human. I’m just a boy.”
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