Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anarchists, Gays to Protest Pope in Barcelona

The local of the anarchosyndicalist CGT will protest Ratzinger's visit to Barcelona this Saturday, November 6, at 3 PM in the plaça de la Catedral.

They argue that at the same time the powerful speak of an economic crisis and demand "austerity" measures (to which the workforce responded with a general strike little more than a month ago), the regional government has spent more than a million euros on Ratzinger's visit. The protest also expresses the fundamental anarchist rejection of religion and the god-concept as an affront to human freedom:
Since we promote the equality of people above all classes, we promote a self-managed society unfettered by any type of power, be it political or religious, and the freedom of individual thought and action towards a free society, in which the faith of the meek and resigned is a vestige of the greatest form of slavery: religion.
They protest in the name of of the victims of centuries of religious repression and injustice. "NO GOD, NO STATE, NO POPE."

USA Today reports* that there will also be a "queer kissing flashmob" as Ratzinger emerges from the Sagrada Familia on 10 AM on Sunday.
"We are hoping for a crowd of people of the same sex who will kiss each other for two minutes in front of the pope," one of the organizers, Marylene Carole, told AFP. "After two minutes, the flashmob will finish and each participant will leave as if nothing happened."
*The report contains a link to the event's Facebook page.

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