Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks' Honduras cable: "an illegal and unconstitutional coup"

People are talking about this revelation (including Adrienne Pine on Telesur, which I haven't yet been able to play).

From truthout's "WikiLeaks Honduras: State Department Busted on Support of Coup" (read the whole thing, including the cable itself at their link):

By July 24, 2009, the US government was totally clear about the basic facts of what took place in Honduras on June 28, 2009. The US embassy in Tegucigalpa sent a cable to Washington with the subject, "Open and Shut: The Case of the Honduran Coup," asserting that "there is no doubt" that the events of June 28 "constituted an illegal and unconstitutional coup." The embassy listed arguments being made by supporters of the coup to claim its legality, and dismissed them thus: "None ... has any substantive validity under the Honduran constitution." The Honduran military clearly had no legal authority to remove President Manuel Zelaya from office or from Honduras, the embassy said, and their action - the embassy described it as an "abduction" and "kidnapping" - was clearly unconstitutional.

It is inconceivable that any top US official responsible for US policy in Honduras was not familiar with the contents of the July 24 cable, which summarized the assessment of the US embassy in Honduras on key facts that were politically disputed by supporters of the coup regime. The cable was addressed to Tom Shannon, then assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs; Harold Koh, the State Department's legal adviser; and Dan Restrepo, senior director for western hemisphere affairs at the National Security Council. The cable was sent to the White House and to Secretary of State Clinton.

But despite the fact that the US government was crystal clear on what had transpired, the US did not immediately cut off all aid to Honduras except "democracy assistance," as required by US law....
Thanks to everyone who's forwarded me information about this.


  1. :-o

    I don't know why I assumed ignorance. It definitely makes it worse that they did know and didn't give a fuck. No, worse than "didn't give a fuck". They put rather much effort in making it seem legitimate.

  2. Unfortunately, they only rescue white people. Brown people can sink or swim.