Monday, March 14, 2011

HYDRA - launch and request for suggestions

I’ve become increasingly annoyed with the fact that my searches don’t turn up the news and information I’m interested in, so I’ve begun my own leftwing search engine, HYDRA, which can be used by anyone. (Heartfelt thanks to strange gods for the help.)

It’s just to the left, and you can give it a try. So far, it includes only slightly more than 100 sites, but I hope to expand it greatly. Please suggest sites – news, organizations, blogs (including your own) – that you’d like to see included. I plan to update it regularly, and I don’t think there’s a limit. I’ll include any sites in any area, geographical (including local) or topical, as long as they offer a smart, skeptical, and (preferably as-far-as-possible-)leftwing perspective and don’t irritate me.

I hope people find it useful.


  1. SC, when you ask for suggestions, do you mean sites to index first? How about Talking Points memo? The Young Turks? Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist. And Rational Wiki. And all science sites.

  2. Thanks, ML!

    The wikis have been added.

    More science sites would be most appreciated!

    (I added a bunch of sustainable agriculture sites this morning.)