Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sites I like: health, politics, and fishing

HYDRA* is now up to almost 250 sites, and I’m enjoying finding new links from recommended sites and being reminded of resources about which I’d forgotten. Here are a few I’ve added recently – focusing on the corporate influence on health, rightwing politics, and sustainable local fisheries – that provide bountiful information and analysis:

  • Healthy Skepticism (see especially “What’s new?”)

  • Corporations and Health Watch

  • In addition to the mainstay Right Wing Watch, there is Political Research Associates, providing analysis of rightwing movements.

  • Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance: news and resources for sustainable fisheries rooted in fishing communities (including Community-Supported Fisheries)

  • * Once again, any suggestions for sites you’ve found to be good resources in your area of interest or expertise would be appreciated.

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