Saturday, May 11, 2013

criminal tendencies

Eduardo Galeano has a new book out – Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History.

It features an entry for each day of the year. Here’s the one for February 15:
More Stolen Children

‘Marxism is the worst form of mental illness’, ruled Colonel Antonio Vallejo Nájera, psychiatrist supreme in Generalissimo Francisco Franco’s Spain.

He had studied Republican mothers in prison and proven that they harbored ‘criminal tendencies’.

To defend the purity of the Iberian race, threatened by Marxist degeneration and maternal delinquency, thousands of newborns and infants, children of Republican parents, were kidnapped and plopped into the arms of families devoted to the cross and sword.

Who were those children? Who are they, so many years later?

No one knows.

Franco’s dictatorship falsified the records to cover its tracks and ordered everyone to forget: it stole the children and it stole their memory.

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