Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Speaking of Jon Stewart…

I didn’t know any of this:
Jon Stewart recently purchased a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a sanctuary for farm animals rescued from cruelty.

…Stewart’s wife, Tracey, is also an avid supporter of farm animals’ rights. She discovered Farm Sanctuary after reading Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, [Gene] Baur’s 2008 account of the conception and evolution of the organization….

…“The joy of interacting with animals as friends instead of using them for human consumption is life-changing,” says Tracey in a press release. “A trip to Farm Sanctuary should be on everyone’s to-do list, but you can also bring a little bit of sanctuary home when you sponsor an animal through the Adopt a Farm Animal Program.”

…Because of these reasons, the organization has named two rescued sheep Jon and Tracey in their honor. The Stewarts will be further recognized at a Gala on October 24 2015 in New York City.
Here’s a link to the Farm Sanctuary.

And here's president and co-founder of the Farm Sanctuary Gene Baur on The Daily Show a few weeks ago:

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