Sunday, April 19, 2015

What’s this blog about?

I’ve never entered anything in the “About Me” section of the blog. When I started, I wanted to leave it open, and since over time my emphases have shifted quite a bit I believed there wasn’t enough consistency to characterize the blog as being “about” this or that. It’s also difficult to estimate how much attention you’ve paid to various subjects over an extended period of time – you tend to be more aware of recent interests.

But I’ve just discovered that Blogger has a handy feature that tells you how many times you’ve used each tag, and it turns out I haven’t shifted topics so much as expanded on them, while the core subjects – to be sure, there are several - have stayed largely the same.

Across more than 900 posts, these have been my main emphases:

• social movements

• human and animal rights (this is really one category – animal rights – of which human rights is a subset; I’ve had a surprising emphasis on whales)

• the US and the Americas, with a focus on Honduras and Venezuela

• science, research, and technology

• ethics

• women, gender, and sexuality

• atheism and religion

• corporations

• health, with an emphasis on biopsychiatry (for which I don’t have a tag) and humanistic alternatives (especially those of Erich Fromm and Karen Horney)

• law

• spin (mostly corporate and government)

• art, film, and music

• history, with an emphasis on the Holocaust and the Cold War

Other major topics have included:

• nature and evolution

• the media

• academics and education

• skepticism

• race

• photography and poetry (mine and others’)

• veganism, food and drink

I’ll probably summarize the information for the “About Me” page, or maybe I’ll just link to this post.

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