Saturday, June 6, 2015

North Carolina legislators committed to ending freedom and democracy in their state

It seems like every day comes news from the North Carolina legislature, none of it good.

They’ve overridden the governor’s veto of a sweeping ag-gag bill:
Despite opposition from a wide range of groups, including AARP, veterans, journalists, and animal welfare advocates, North Carolina lawmakers have overriden the governor’s veto of their ag-gag bill.

The bill, which becomes law one week after the veto override, lets businesses sue employees who expose what happens on the job, even if it what they are exposing is illegal.
(More at Salon.)

They’ve passed a law mandating a 72-hour waiting period before an abortion.

They seem poised to override the governor’s veto of a bill allowing public officials to refuse to marry people if they have religious objections to the marriage:

All while the state pushes ahead with their voter suppression law.

Scott Walker and Ted Cruz are at the state Republican convention this weekend in Raleigh to cheer them on.

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