Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quote of the day

“As a writer whose work is largely predicated on diligent and careful research, I am reluctant to admit that in this case, I didn’t do enough of it before sending my name out into the Cloud. Unfortunately, though, that is the conclusion to which I’ve been forced to come, and I thought it best to acknowledge it publically and head-on rather than disingenuously pretending otherwise.”
- Jennifer Cody Epstein, removing her name from the PEN petition

Well done. May there be more to come.

I read Epstein’s letter at Ophelia’s blog moments after beginning Caroline Fourest’s new book on blasphemy (released today!). The beginning is about her experience of going to the Charlie Hebdo office in the immediate wake of the attack and learning of her murdered colleagues, and then finding hope in the solidarity of so many in France and elsewhere in the days that followed. Reading that section reignited my anger toward the PEN protesters, but Epstein’s letter has been a salve.

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