Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greta Christina on race and gender in the atheist movement

[Catching up on my feeds. Still at G. :)]

Greta Christina is fabulous. Once again she brings together several key ideas and concrete suggestions in a concise, articulate set of posts:

"Getting It Right Early: Why Atheists Need to Act Now on Gender and Race"

"Race, Gender, and Atheism, Part 2: What We Need To Do -- And Why"

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  1. Thanks, Salty. Passing these links along to my atheist daughter in college, who's currently taking a course in "Women & Gender Studies." She tells me that it drives her crazy every time the teacher goes all PC talking about the importance of including people of all races, all orientations, all religions...but never adds "or no religion..."

    (PS: this is "Diane G." from the Orac thread. Of the choices below, I only had a Google ID...)