Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zelaya's back, and so am I!

I'm busy with work at the moment, but events in Honduras have made it impossible to stay away.

Manuel Zelaya is back in Honduras, in the Brazilian embassy! The coupists, after initially denying his presence in the country, imposed a curfew that appears to continue through today and broke up the concentrations of people outside the building. They also tried to shut off power to the neighborhood of the embassy and to close down Radio Globo, which had reported on Zelaya's return (to no avail, in the end - you can listen here). Telesur for some reason is broadcasting about sports at the moment, but Narco News has continuing coverage - see the links on the left. The coup-plotters are desperately grasping at repressive straws, but they face organized democratic resistance and international condemnation. They will soon be out.

While I'm on the subject, I read an outstanding piece by Mark Cook - "Rerun in Honduras" - at FAIR, discussing the media coverage of Honduras. It sums up everything I and others have been saying, and adds more historical context. (The other article linked to there - "Women Need Rights, Not Rescue," by MADRE's Yifat Susskind and Diana Duarte - is also excellent and well worth a read.)


  1. well that's some god news.

    this whole reporting fuckup has completely destroyed the last vestiges of trust I had in the media. I used to think that CNN + BBC + Al Jazeera would let you get a decently accurate picture of a situation. Evidently not.

    P.S.: I really like your blog, I just never know what to say, so no comments from me :-p

  2. Amazing news! I only heard about it today. I'll follow your links for the full story.