Thursday, September 24, 2009

I heart PZ Myers and Greg Laden

Thank you both.

PZ brought thousands of people here. It may well have called some people's attention to what's happening in Honduras. This is hugely important. (And yes, I'm utterly thrilled that more people are now aware of my blog.) PZ rocks.

And Greg Laden, well...

I'm so glad to have discovered the Salty Current blog, BTW.

...and I must say, that Salty Current has exhibited an admirable degree of professionalism, grace, and aplomb throughout this whole incident.

Oh, and Jadehawk's

see? this is what happens when you take a Pharyngulite out if its natural environment and allow it to invade other blogs.

Invasive species are such a pain, aren't they?

was perfect. It's funny, because it's true.


  1. Wow, I travel for a bit and things just seem to mushroom. SC, I really and truly tried to understand what he hell is going on between you and Isis and the "dood" thing and reading over at PZ's Playhouse, but still confused.

    On balance, I like reading you, so I really do not give even minor damn about what is going on in the background. Still love your mind, go forth and prosper.

    Ciao, JeffreyD

  2. "Invasive species are such a pain, aren't they?"

    Intelligently designed for the sole purpose of letting the faithful know how righteous they are.

    It's great to see you back in blogging business, SC. I shall lurk often!

  3. SC

    from a real d00d to a faux-d00d - you rock*! I would always jump to PZ whenever I saw your name in the comment list (you for a reality check, Brownian for lulz, David Marjanović for serious kick-ass knowledge, and a few others)

    Sorry to hear you don't want to register. (not even typepad with a throwaway email?)

    I will definitely be lurking!

    *Isis doesn't even have good taste in shoes!

  4. SC - not certain who is selecting your ads for this site but on the left you currently have a skyscraper for [shudder] Scientology [/shudder] which does not really gibe with that big red A right below it :)