Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good art: Mishka Henner and Front404

Some art I that think deserves wider exposure (I won’t reproduce the still images here, but just follow the links).

First, Mishka Henner’s aerial photographs of feedlots:

Precious Commodities from Mishka Henner on Vimeo.

Second, Front404. They came to my attention a few months ago for their Orwell birthday celebration. Their plantmines are also wonderful.
When you trigger one of these plantmines they shoot a cloud of flower confetti at you. The flower confetti contains flower seeds, to create a permanent happy and colourful spot in the place of the plantmine explosion. The explosion of flower confetti also serves as an instant party to celebrate that you live in a country where you don’t have to worry about stepping on a real landmine.

Plantmines @ Kleurenblind Festival Utrecht 2012 from FRONT404 on Vimeo.

Animals and landmines...

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