Friday, September 20, 2013

The World Before Her

Nirmukta posted last month about a documentary to be aired on PBS, The World Before Her, so I set the recording.

I recommend it, actually.* When we talk about people being victimized by or victims of unequal and oppressive systems, some listeners appear to hear "victim" as a sort of total identity that renders someone incapable of willful action. But what we're generally talking about is how people's paths are shaped and their options constrained in ways suited to others' purposes rather than their own needs and fulfillment. Within these limiting systems, they still make choices and pursue goals. They have agency, but this makes them no less victims.

Anyway, you can watch it free online at PBS (I think only if you're in the US, though) through October 16. It appears you can also watch it on iTunes, on YouTube, and probably elsewhere as well. After you do, check out this update on what the people involved have been doing since.

*I added the "actually" in tribute to the people in the film, who seem inordinately fond of the word. :)

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