Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ham on the lam

Last month, I happened to catch a segment of Today in which Jenna Wolfe and the other hosts laughed it up over some video of policemen in China trying to capture several pigs who were trying to get away after the truck they were in overturned on a highway. They seemed to find the video and Wolfe’s “this little piggy” remarks highly entertaining. I haven’t been able to find the Today segment online, but I did find this ITN report

and another post about it that captures the same tone.
Ham went on the lam in China when a truck carrying piglets overturned on a motorway.

Hilarious cellphone footage shows traffic cops struggling to contain the stampeding hogs as they desperately made a break for freedom.
The pigs are clearly terrified. The one the video shows being pulled from under the truck is literally screaming in fear and pain. They’re being captured to eventually be killed. And the response the policemen, the reporters, and the people commenting on the story think is most appropriate is laughter.

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