Saturday, October 5, 2013

And by “favorite,” she means…

Recently, I read a fairly informative article about the successful pushback against ag gag:
...According to Matthew Dominguez, a policy expert at the Humane Society of the United States, six states have passed some variety of ag-gag law since Kansas became the first in 1990. If supporters of the movement had their way, that total would have more than doubled in 2013.

Instead, opponents of the restrictive law have had their most accomplished year to date. All of the year’s ag-gag proposals were withdrawn, vetoed or stalled.

Meanwhile, the ag-gag movement was soaked with a wave of negative publicity, including editorials in The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times as well as a biting segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and countless blog posts....
Noting that it quotes Emily Meredith, spokesperson for the Animal Agriculture Alliance, I thought I’d take another look at their Twitter feed.

Meredith was on a visit with the Ringling Brothers circus, spending a little time with some captive animals used for entertainment. (Because if the representative of an organization responsible for the oppression, exploitation, and killing of billions of other animals is going to see elephants, she’s not going to experience them on film or in the wild or in a sanctuary or in some other nonexploitative, respectful setting. She’s going to the circus. Where else?)

So here she is posing with an elephant:

But it’s what came next that took my breath away:

“Who knows what a baby Elephant is called?...HINT: It’s the same as 1 of the Alliance’s favorite barnyard animals.”
One of their favorite animals. Let’s review.

Sin vergüenza.

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