Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sleeping with one eye open

One of the cats recently had to have an infected tooth pulled, which was traumatic for all involved. Apparently, it’s a hereditary predisposition and there’s little you can do other than monitor it, but the vet did suggest brushing his teeth.

This has proven a challenge. He doesn’t like it, and pulls back his face and clenches his mouth like a child dodging a spoonful of medicine. The only chance of getting even a few teeth is when he’s in a deep sleep. It’s a brief window of opportunity – he awakens and bolts as soon as he becomes aware of what’s happening.

Worst of all, it makes for a very uneasy sleep. Even when he appears to be soundly snoozing, he’s always listening for the opening of the toothbrush container or watching out of the corner of his eye for someone sneaking up on him with a toothbrush. He’s being deprived of the hours of undisturbed, contented sleep that are his natural right as a cat.

It’s also become nearly impossible to get a good picture of him sleeping, as shown in these photos:

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