Friday, October 18, 2013


On Wednesday, just about a year since I last visited, I returned to Woodstock, New York.

Last year, the purpose of our day was a tour of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, which was wonderful and exhilarating but left little time for anything else. Fortunately, we did have time for lunch at the Garden Café, which was just as nice this year.

(The warm chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and soy vanilla ice cream is the perfect October dessert.)

This time we strolled around the town. Halloween decorations were out:

Some pretty leaf stones:

Hippie clothes:

A country library:

Funky antiques (the sign says Open, but it was closed):

This is an inn at a waterfall, both of which were quiet:

A fat cat on the deck of the inn:

(On the other side is an apartment for rent.)

Some dishflowers in an old bathtub:

My favorite shop was Candlestock, “Home of the World’s Largest Drip Candle Sculpture.” I especially loved the exotic travel-themed votives.

On Wednesdays there’s a farmers’ market:

It was good for the soul.

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