Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democracy Now! interviews Zelaya, report on Iraq vets, martial religion film

Today's Democracy Now! features an exclusive interview with Manuel Zelaya:

I have to say, I didn't understand his answer to the question about whether he, returned to office, will continue with the matter of a constitutional convention. I don't know whether he misunderstood the question or was being intentionally evasive for one reason or another - motives for dodginess on this topic could be many.

Meanwhile, there continue to be reports of dissension in the military ranks...

Speaking of militaries, the following DN! segment - "The Hell of War Comes Home: Newspaper Series Documents Murder, Suicide, Kidnappings by Iraq Vets" - concerned US soldiers from Colorado Springs who fought in Iraq. Everything about it was horrifying and depressing.

And speaking of militaries and Colorado Springs, I learned recently that Constantine's Sword is now available on YouTube:

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