Friday, July 24, 2009


People, including Zelaya’s mother, wife, and children, are still trying to make their way peacefully to the border with Nicaragua to meet Zelaya. Some were attacked by soldiers in El Paraíso this afternoon. Zelaya, accompanied by a caravan including numerous journalists, has asked the police and military to accept his return and has tried to talk with military leaders, but as his caravan organizes at the border – after briefly stepping over this afternoon – police and military forces (including, according to Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas a few minutes ago, Cobra snipers) continue in position in a series of points on the other side of the border.

President of the UN General Assembly Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann has called Zelaya’s move “heroic” and proper and expressed his regret that he couldn’t accompany him. Hillary Clinton, who has basically equated the criminal coupists with the legitimate president when discussing the so-called negotiations, has called it “reckless.” Apparently the US administration thinks the people of Honduras should just accept the kidnapping of their elected president and violations of their basic rights, and also abandon any hopes of participative democracy.

Micheletti is on television right now saying Zelaya will be arrested by the National Police if he returns. Closed with a quote from John F. Kennedy.

Watch live on TeleSUR (hopefully they'll return to the live coverage soon...)

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  1. Hey, SC - Bobber here. Thanks for keeping up with the events in Honduras. I depend on you and Rachel Maddow to follow Zelaya's attempt to reclaim his authority.