Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Several quick updates:

Zelaya has set up camp at the Nicaraguan border, hoping of course to return soon. Meanwhile, repression continues within the country, expecially in the border regions, as reported at Narco News.

Xiomara Zelaya, the president's wife, is one of the people prevented from reaching him. She was interviewed the other day on Democracy Now!.

A speaking tour has been organized by NALACC to several US cities beginning today in Washington, DC, through August 8th. (Leading the delegation is Dr. Juan Almendares, an extremely nice man I met briefly at the AAAS meeting last year.)

Several days ago, a preliminary report was released by an international human rights monitoring coalition describing the violations that have occurred since the coup. Here's a short report by Greg Grandin and the original in Spanish. The full report is to be released tomorrow.

Yesterday, the US Department of State revoked the diplomatic visas of four coup officials. They're more isolated than ever.

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