Saturday, July 25, 2009

HONDURAS: Democracy Now! Yesterday

Here's Democracy Now!'s report on Honduras yesterday, shortly before Zelaya made his move to enter the country:

(They all seem a bit confused on one point. Zelaya was not accompanied by his wide and children; rather they, along with his mother and his wife's mother, were inside Honduras and trying to get to the border to meet him, though thwarted by the military and police. In my own update last night, I said that the coupist Micheletti was on TV at that moment when in fact that was a video from earlier in the day. TeleSUR has an annoying habit of leaving "EN VIVO" on the screen when showing recorded footage.)

Al Giordano is right in pointing out that the real story here - unsurprisingly, ignored by the corporate media; also by TeleSUR to an annoying extent - is the large and increasingly well-organized movements for democracy and social-economic justice in Honduras, as well as the solidarity of unions and other organizations abroad.

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